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Sommaires exécutifs en Anglais

Executive summaries in English 

Capture Emerging from poverty in Québec:
Analysis of poverty and social inequalities & mobility
Quebec and Africa :
Building a Commercial Partnership
Quebec in a Low-Carbon Economy
Capitalizing on a Competitive Edge
Quebec and the Low-Carbon
Economy Prospects for Quebec Businesses
Quebec’s Fiscal House Is in Order:
Ten Years after the Recession, but …
Analysis of Quebec’s Public Finances
School Dropouts in Quebec
Ten Years of Marking Time, Despite the Money Spent
The Recognition of Foreign Academic Credentials
A Key to Immigrant Integration in Quebec
Scorecard for the Greater Montréal Area
2017 Edition
Automation, New Business Models, and Jobs
Prospects for Quebec
Population Aging and the Quebec Economy
Attract and Retain More International Students
Scorecard for the Greater Montréal Area
2016 Edition
More Qualified—But Unemployed:
Montréal’s Immigration Paradox
Understanding Employment Trends in Quebec:
The New IdQ Jobs Index
Is the Budget Balance Fragile or Robust?
Quebec Faces Health Funding Challenges
The Comprehensive Economic and Trade
Agreement (CETA): What Impact Will It Have on Quebec?
Taking Advantage of the Economic and Trade
Agreement With Europe
E-commerce in Quebec: A Catch-Up Strategy for Growth
The Agri-Food Industry:
A Powerful Economic Development Lever for Quebec
Strategic Energy Management for
Businesses in Quebec: A Portrait
Economic Growth and Austerity:
The Truth About the Situation in Quebec
Quebec’s Mutual Fund Industry:
Assessing the Economic Footprint
Will Red-Ink Budgets Be a Thing of the Past?
Challenges and Choices for Quebec
Taxation and Government Assistance to Companies:
Literature Review and Analysis
Montréal—Millstone or Driving Force?